Kids' Activities on Claude Monet's Paintings

by Sheryl Faber
An early introduction to famous painters can help children form a love for art.

An early introduction to famous painters can help children form a love for art.

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Projects for children based on Claude Monet's paintings can be insightful and educational. Monet was famous for his use of color and light, and introducing young people to his methods will provide children with the means to learn about art and types of painting. Exposing children at a young age to learned and talented artists can help kids form an appreciation for art for the rest of their lives.

Monet's Childhood

Assign children over the age of ten to write about Monet's childhood and what qualities he had that prepared him for being a famous artist. Discuss how talent is developed and discovered and should be used by individuals. Ask each child to write a brief essay on what they excel at and how they can develop this skill further as they get older.

Imitating and Re-Creating Monet's Artwork

Choose a Monet painting that is appealing to youngsters and challenge them to copy it. The different perceptions and colors from each child will amaze you. "Bouquet of Sunflowers" or one of "The Japanese Bridge over the Water" paintings would be appropriate choices for children to base their works on. Encourage them to make changes according to what they would like to see on the canvas and compare the different pieces when they are finished.

Painting in a Monet Method

Demonstrate how Monet used short brush strokes with unmixed paint to achieve his effects in his art. Have kids stand close to one of his works and observe how it appears to be a blur up close, but comes together as a beautiful work of art from a distance. Have each child make his own original painting using either brushes or sponges using Monet's methods, and hold a mini art show for other students and parents featuring the children's work.

Book Discussion

Assign younger children from about six to ten years of age to read "Linnea in Monet's Garden," a fascinating story of a young girl who is entranced with Monet's work. She travels all over with her elderly neighbor Mr. Bloom to see Monet's home and garden and his works in museums. The book contains many Monet paintings and drawings. When the children finish reading the book, have a discussion on what was learned and which Monet painting is their favorite. This would also be an appropriate book to read aloud while children work on their own paintings and other artwork.

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