Kid-Friendly Resorts in Las Vegas

by Johnny Kampis
New York-New York offers a handful of activities for the younger set.

New York-New York offers a handful of activities for the younger set.

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Many consider Las Vegas to be an adult's paradise with its array of gambling and partying options, but the Nevada desert city is also a family destination. Some Las Vegas resorts understand this and cater more to people with children in tow than other hotels, providing family-friendly attractions and amenities.

Circus Circus

Ask any Vegas expert for advice on a family-friendly hotel and they would likely point you to this resort on the north end of the Strip. With a theme park in the back, circus acts inside and plenty of carnival and arcade games mixed in between, Circus Circus is the top choice for families. The theme park offers a roller coaster, log flume ride, miniature golf and laser tag. Trapeze artists preform on a level above the casino each hour every day. Hotel rooms here are among the cheapest on the Strip.

Mandalay Bay

If your children love to splash around, this may prove to be the best choice. Mandalay Bay may offer the best pool area in town, with a wave pool, lazy river and sandy beach among the features of the sprawling complex. Many parents like that the pool and guest rooms can be accessed without walking through the casino, which is uncommon in Las Vegas. This resort also includes an aquarium with sharks and other sea life that you can visit for an admission fee.

New York-New York

If the kids are at least 48 inches tall, try New York-New York, which features the most insane roller coaster on the Strip. The Manhattan Express loops around the outside of the property, which many kids find cool because it recreates the New York City skyline with such structures as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. You can even walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to access the resort. New York-New York also offers an arcade.


This medieval-themed resort provides some of the cheapest lodging options on the south end of the Strip. Located between New York-New York and Mandalay Bay, Excalibur serves children (and their parents) utensil-free meals as they watch knights joust in the Tournament of Kings, a long-running attraction at the resort. Excalibur also offers carnival and arcade games, as well as the SpongeBob SquarePants motion ride.


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