How to Do a Kickflip on a Finger Skateboard

by Pilar Ethridge

Finger skateboards, or fingerboards, are pocket-sized replicas of skateboards. Just as a person rides a skateboard by standing on two legs, a finger skateboard is ridden with two fingers. Many of the tricks performed by skateboarders, including the kick flip, can also be done on a fingerboard. But on a fingerboard, you won't have to worry about cuts, bruises or injury.

Items you will need

  • Finger skateboard
Step 1

Extend the arm of the hand you write with in front of you on a flat surface. With your arm extended, you'll have room to complete the kickflip.

Step 2

Place your middle finger on the rear edge of the finger board. Then put your index finger at the front the board. Position the fingers just as skateboarders position their feet, leaving at least one inch between the two.

Step 3

Move your hand quickly towards you, so as to propel the skateboard forward. Your fingers should be steady against the board.

Step 4

Quickly press your middle finger down on the back edge of the finger skateboard to kick the board into the air. At the same time, flip the board by flicking your index finger toward you. The flicking motion should happen at the front edge of the board, causing it to turn over in the air.

Step 5

Land the kick flip by replacing your index finger at the front of the board. The middle finger should follow soon after.