Kickboxing for Teens in Virginia

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Kickboxing builds endurance and strength.

Kickboxing builds endurance and strength. Images

Kickboxing is a relatively new sport. It was developed from other martial arts practices, such as karate, in the 1970s, and includes more direct contact movements. In addition to being good exercise, kickboxing is also a useful self-defense tactics. Several kickboxing studios in Virginia cater to teenagers and young adults.

Craig Smith Karate and Kickboxing

Craig Smith operates a Karate and Kickboxing school ( for all ages ranging from children to adults in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Teenagers older than 14 are eligible to take the adult kickboxing classes; however, some classes are also targeted towards young adults. The kickboxing classes are designed to hone "strength, conditioning and technical skills." An option exists to join a competitive team that regularly competes in championships.

King Tiger Martial Arts

King Tiger Martial Arts ( in Virginia Beach is home to a kickboxing school with classes for young adults. The program "Teen Machines" is specifically for teenagers and is designed to build confidence, self-control and respect. The school hosts a summer camp and has an online resource center for students. Classes are held every day except Sunday.

Martial Arts Lynchburg

Martial Arts Lynchburg ( has mixed martial arts classes for young adults, including Muay Thai Kickboxing. The goals of this program are to develop flexibility and strength. The school also teaches kickboxing as a self-defense mechanism for teenagers. Classes are offered every day.

Arlington Boxing Club

The Arlington Boxing Club is located at Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center ( and is designed to teach boxing and kickboxing to 10- to 18-year-olds. The club is open weekday afternoons and nights and Saturdays from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Classes range from beginner to advanced and include drop-in classes or sessions.

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