How to Do Kick Flips on Finger Skateboards

by Pilar Ethridge

Kick flips aren't the easiest tricks to learn on finger skateboards. This is because so many different things must take place in a matter of a few seconds and with the slightest touch. Still, once you master it, you'll be delighted to impress your peers and family. Don't worry if you can't figure it out the first time. Instead, take your time, and practice each motion individually before combining them into one incredible kick flip.

Items you will need

  • Finger skateboard
Step 1

Find a smooth, flat surface to perform the trick on. Your fingerboard will need to glide smoothly in order for the trick to work.

Step 2

Set the fingerboard down in front of you on the flat surface. Then decide which hand you'll use. You'll likely have an easier time using your dominant hand, so extend the arm of that hand out in front of you. Give yourself enough room so that you can move your hand and wrist with ease.

Step 3

Position your index finger at the front of the board and your middle finger on the back edge. Your fingers should rest comfortably on the board. You don't have to stand them up straight so as to mimic the legs of a person riding a skateboard. Leave at least an inch of space between your middle and index finger.

Step 4

Slide the board across the flat surface toward you. Quickly tip the back edge of the fingerboard using your middle finger. This will cause the rise or "kick" portion of the trick. Practice the kick several times until you have enough air. The higher your kick, the more time you'll have to complete the "flip" part of the trick.

Step 5

Tip the front-inside edge of the board that's closest to your index finger while the board is in the air. If you do this quickly, with a flicking motion, the board will roll over in the air.

Step 6

Place both fingers in the starting position as the board lands back on the table or flat surface. Just as in real skateboarding, the move is not complete unless you land it with finesse. After the board has flipped over, practice keeping your wrist loose so that you can finish nicely.