How to Keep Permanent Marker From Fading on Canvas

by Jamie Farber
Preventing permanent markers from fading on canvas requires some care.

Preventing permanent markers from fading on canvas requires some care.

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While commonly used for autographs, you can also use permanent markers to create works of art. When placed on canvas, the markers can turn the plain material into a signature wall, a cityscape, a portrait or just about anything else. No matter what you use the markers to make, however, you most likely do not want the work to fade. You can safeguard your canvas and marker creation with several techniques. The technique that will work best for your will vary depending on your original work and how you are displaying your piece.

Items you will need

  • Plastic or acrylic frame
  • Clear polyurethane
Step 1

Place your canvas in a clear plastic or acrylic frame that offers protection from the sun and other light sources.

Step 2

Keep your canvas out direct sunlight as much as possible. If your piece is hanging on a wall, try to keep it away from windows.

Step 3

Cover your canvas with a clear coat of polyurethane. The variety that is available in a spray can will go on the easiest. The polyurethane will protect the canvas from fading, but it could damage the work if applied incorrectly, so do not use it for items that cannot be replaced.

Step 4

Keep your canvas away from water or other liquids. If your canvas gets dirty, use a small rag to spot clean it. Never fully immerse your canvas in water.

Step 5

Bring your canvas inside during stormy weather if it is displayed outside. It should also be brought in during the winter, if possible, to avoid snow and ice.

Tips & Warnings

  • Permanent marker will eventually fade, even if properly care for and protected from the elements. If you want to preserve the item, you can use fabric dye and trace the markers colors with a small paintbrush or a cotton swab.

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