How to Keep Guitars Moist

by David Koenig
Guitars need moisture to prevent damage to the wood.

Guitars need moisture to prevent damage to the wood. Images

Acoustic guitars are vulnerable to damage caused by both excessive dryness and excessive moisture in the air; makers of fine guitars create and store their instruments in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to avoid such problems. Once you have your guitar, it is your responsibility to store it in suitable conditions to protect the wood and prevent cracking and warping that will ruin both its look and sound.

Step 1

Keep your guitar in its case when you're not using it. This protects it from potentially damaging atmospheric changes.

Step 2

Store your guitar at room temperature. Leaving it in an unheated storage place, such as a garage, during cold weather will deprive it of the moisture it needs.

Step 3

Leave your guitar away from air-conditioning vents. A/C units take the humidity out of the air, causing the wood of your acoustic guitar to dry out.

Step 4

Purchase and use a guitar humidifier, which you can obtain from any instrument store or guitar specialist. This device attaches to the guitar's soundhole and protects it from excessive dryness; this is essential if you are forced to store the guitar in a dry or cold place.

Step 5

Wrap your guitar and its case in airtight plastic, such as garbage bags, if you have to travel a long distance with your guitar in less-than-ideal conditions such as a car trunk or airplane cargo hold.

Step 6

Keep a constant eye on your guitar and look for telltale signs of dryness, such as cracked wood or a dipped bridge. Take one of the recommended actions at the first sign of damage.


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