Kayak Tours in Irvine, California

by Jennifer Gibbons
Kayak tours help paddlers get to know their local waters.

Kayak tours help paddlers get to know their local waters.

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Kayaking is a popular sport that gets people busy in the great outdoors. Waterways across the country feature trails just for the purpose. Some people kayak just to see the scenery while others cast out a line during their travels. Certain trails offer guided tours -- paddlers learn about the wildlife in the area and amenities along the way. If you're interested in the habitat around Irvine, California, plan a guided kayak tour. Southwind Kayak Center offers services throughout the area from beginner lessons to fishing tours in the ocean.

Equipment Rentals and Beginner Lessons

The Southwind Kayak Center (southwindkayaks.com) offers equipment rentals, demonstrations and lessons for beginning paddlers. Lessons are progressive and begin with land learning. Advanced lessons teach skills like rolling and kayak surfing. Lessons start touring in the harbor and advanced lessons tour parts of the ocean. Lessons start at $80 as of 2011, and participants must be 16 years old, or 13 if accompanied by an adult.

Nature Tours

The Back to Nature tour from Southwind Kayak Center is a three-hour ride that features encounters with over 200 bird species, sea creatures and an explanation of the geology around Newport Bay. Touring kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks are available for the trip, and the terrain is suitable for beginners with basic skills. Children ages 9 to 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Special Occasion Tours

Tours are available for special occasions and are suitable for gift giving purposes. The Mother's Day tour offers a calm and scenic paddle through Newport Harbor. Double kayaks big enough for two adults and a small child are provided, and the tour makes occasional stops to point out historical facts and look for critters such as sea lions and seals. The tours stops for a rest with a no-host picnic and returns to base. Father's Day and Fourth of July tours are also scheduled.

Harbor Highlight Tour

The Harbor Highlight Tour is a three-hour tour through one of the nation's favorite places to pleasure boat. You'll hear about the rich history that settled the area and see homes that belonged to Shirley Temple, John Wayne and George and Gracie Burns. The trip features a trip to the secret beach where Gilligan's Island was filmed. The guide will also point important places like restroom facilities, restaurants and launch sites. Prices start at $45 a paddler as of 2011.

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