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Juno is a nationwide provider of DSL and dial-up Internet.

Juno is a nationwide provider of DSL and dial-up Internet.

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The DSL Internet connection market is a competitive one. Many providers are out to get as big a share of the market as possible. Unfortunately for customers, only users in metropolitan areas have access to this selection of providers. In rural and isolated areas, you are lucky if one company provides DSL service. Juno is a nationwide provider of dial-up and DSL Internet that competes with large cable corporations.

Do I Get Charged By Usage?

No. Juno offers a flat fee to DSL users regardless of how much time you spend online. If you previously had dial-up and only used the Internet to check your email, you may not get much advantage out of DSL. A flat fee, however, means you can surf the web and download as much as you want without worrying about how long you are online or what bandwidth you are using.

Can I Change My Juno Member ID or Email Address?

Yes and no. Your Juno profile is linked to a particular account and email address. You cannot change the primary account or email address you used to open the account. You can add as many email accounts to your Juno service as you want, however. If you do decide to open new email accounts, you can access them from Juno's web mail website.

How Do I Get Rid of the Juno Explorer Toolbar?

Juno offers a free toolbar for Explorer's web browser. You can get rid of it if you don't want it, however. Click on the view tab of Explorer's upper navigation bar and choose toolbar. Your Juno toolbar should be on the list with a tick next to it indicating the toolbar is active. Click on it to disable the bar.

How Do I Install Juno DSL?

One of the reasons Juno's DSL connection is so cheap is you have to do your own installation. Fortunately, the Juno broadband connection kit is simple to use. Insert the Juno DSL CD that came with your kit into your computer and follow the program's instructions. Fit the filters on to the jack where you connect your phone. Connect the modem to your computer with a USB cable or through a wireless router.

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