Jungle Safari Children's Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Use plastic toy animals to create jungle party games for kids.

Use plastic toy animals to create jungle party games for kids.

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Plan an adventurous safari birthday party for children who find the jungle fascinating and interesting. Create party games that incorporate the many aspects of a jungle safari for the children to play. Games will prevent boredom as well as get the children involved in the party. Awarding prizes such as plush jungle animals and safari stickers will encourage the kids to participate in the games. Children can take their jungle prizes home as mementoes of the party.

Paper Games

Create a jungle animal scramble by scrambling the names of several jungle animals, such as tiger, snake, monkey and crocodile. Print a copy of the scramble for each player and hand the copies out face down. When you say "Go," the children must flip their paper over and try to unscramble the words. The first player to unscramble all the words correctly wins the game. For a variation, play this game in teams; the first team finished wins the game.


Host a jungle animal contest to see which party guest has the best animal impressions. Give the children five minutes to practice their animal sounds and moves. Each child must act and sound like his favorite jungle animal. Award prizes to the best, funniest, silliest, most realistic and scariest jungle animals. You can also host an animal mask contest. Give the children construction paper, tape, scissors, craft foam and elastic string to make an animal mask. Award a prize to the most creative jungle animal mask.

Tossing Games

Make beanbag-tossing games for the children to play. Tape a jungle animal poster to the bottom of a cardboard box and cut out the mouth. Lean the box up against a wall and have the children try to toss beanbags in the mouth of the animal. Place an elephant poster on the bottom of the box and have the children try to toss unshelled peanuts or circus peanuts in the elephant's mouth.

Relay Races

Send the party guests on a jungle animal hunt with a relay race. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up at a starting line. Hide plastic toy jungle animals all over the play area. When you say "Go," the first player in each team line must race to find an animal. Once she finds an animal, she must race back to tag the next player in line, who must do the same thing. The first team whose players all find jungle animals and bring them back to the starting line wins the game. The players can also play this game individually; have all the guests hunt for animals at the same time and place them in a small bag. The player who finds the most animals wins the game.

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