Jungle Party Goody Bag Ideas

by Katharine Mitchell
Plastic toy animals are a purr-fect addition to a jungle themed goody bag.

Plastic toy animals are a purr-fect addition to a jungle themed goody bag.

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After a jungle themed party, send guests home with a creative goody bag stuffed with tropical and animal themed prizes. Carry out a theme from a party game or food by choosing tiger stripes for the gift bag or embrace the generality of the jungle theme. Diversify the party favors, mixing candy or cookies with educational materials about jungle animals or creative toys that kids can play with at home.

Animal Crackers

Place a box of animal crackers in the bottom of an animal-striped bag to stabilize the bag and create a platform for piling in more treats. Wrap the cookies in jungle-print paper to further enhance the theme. Include a message for recipients asking them to separate all the animals that live in the jungle before consuming the cookies.

Animal Noses

Shop for rubber or plastic animal noses to include in gift bags. Look for lion, elephant or monkey noses in bright colors. Improvise by making animal noses as a craft during the party or preparing them ahead of time using felt. Cut out the shape of the animal's nose in the corresponding color and add nostrils and stripes, spots or whiskers as required. Punch holes on either side of the animal nose and run a string through to help affix the nose to the face.

Tropical Treats

Fill the bag with tropical flavored treats. Include a roll of tropical flavored Life Savers, Starbursts or a handful of Jolly Ranchers. Entice more sophisticated guests with coconut flavored candies. Indulge older guests with chocolate bars produced locally in tropical countries. Avoid giving gum to younger guests.

The Bag

Get creative with the goody bag itself, substituting an animal striped goody bag with a toy or present that can double as a gift bag. Turn over a cheap plastic safari hat, for example, to be filled with other jungle goodies. Kids can wear the hats after they've enjoyed the candies and other treats. Fold a camouflage bandanna over to be filled with treats and tie up with a length of fake jungle vine.

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