Juicy Couture Baby Shower Ideas

by Christina Schnell

A Juicy Couture baby shower fills an event with splashy taste that unabashedly celebrates all that is girly. Given the heavily feminine overtones of Juicy Couture designs, this theme works well for moms pregnant with baby girls. How heavily you saturate your party with Juicy Couture will dictate the price of this moderately expensive designer.

Pink and Brown

Adorn tables, doorways and chair backs with the ribbons in the iconic Juicy Couture colors, pink and chocolate brown. Don't make yourself crazy trying to spell out Juicy Couture in balloons, unless that's your thing. Instead, take two wide strands of pink and brown ribbon and tie them together around the back of the chairs. Stick similar bows in the table center pieces and hang them over the doorways.

Juicy Couture Charms

Wrap each guest's napkin with a small Juicy Couture starter bracelet or individual charms in gold or silver. These bracelets add a bit of bling to your party without breaking the bank. Wrap the bracelet around the cloth napkin several times or secure the Juicy Couture jewelry box at each place setting. Starter silver bracelets cost $38 and go up in price, depending on the material used and attached charms, at the time of publication.

Juicy Couture Cake

Just because Juicy Couture doesn't sell celebration cakes doesn't mean you can't order one through a bakery. Have the decorator use pink and chocolate brown frosting on a white background. Add the "JC" initials around the sides of the cake or keep it simple and line the edges with several small pink and brown bows. On a larger budget, line small Juicy Couture charms around the cake edges, clean them off afterward and compile them into a bracelet for yourself.

Juicy Couture Games

For the ultimate Juicy-loving guest list, create games based on Juicy Couture fan fare. Play baby "Pictionary" using the names of items typically associated with little girls and give each team two minutes to determine the term. The winning team gets either small Juicy Couture gift certificates or another Juicy Couture accessory such as a baby bag or a children's accessory, if the winning team already has children of their own.

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