John Deere Birthday Party Decorations & Favors

by Arielle Reed
Above all, country themes reflect quiet simplicity.

Above all, country themes reflect quiet simplicity.

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For a really authentic feel, a John Deere party theme should be about more than just tractors. Think about what John Deere represents to its customers: the comfort of country living and pride in the land. Let this country mindset immediately move you outside the box with ideas for taking a John Deere party to the next level.


The John Deere brand is synonymous with country living and farming. For a down-home feel, consider appropriate fabrics for the table, such as plaid or gingham, and wear comfortable clothing like jeans, overalls, boots and bandannas. Tip a hat to an American company with a traditional menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken and apple pie.

Green and Gold

When picking fabrics for tablecloths, napkins or seat covers, remember to liberally splash the John Deere signature green and gold around. Also, party stores typically stock colorful plastic utensils and streamers to match many themes. Don't go overboard though; you can keep a country theme classy.

Decorating with Straw

Pick bundles of straw from a field or find some at a craft store to make centerpieces. If you bundle it thickly enough, you can tie a ribbon around it and it will stand on its own, rather than requiring a vase. If your guests are dining on a patio, consider spreading straw on the floor; don't do this on a grassy area, though, as it won't be easy to clean up.

Homemade Feeling

Give juice, milk, dip and condiments a homemade feel by transferring them into different containers. Juice and milk can go into country-style pitchers, while condiments and dips look enticing in Mason jars. Mason jars also make excellent drinking glasses and are reminiscent of a less wasteful era.


If the party is for adults, then a party favor can be a simple recycled jar with green and gold ribbons around the lip and wildflowers inside. For a children's party, John Deere toys would be a hit, but consider color-themed bandannas or cowboy hats for fun during and after the party.

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