Jogging in Atlanta

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Atlanata area trails offer scenic routes for joggers.

Atlanata area trails offer scenic routes for joggers.

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Jogging can also help you lose weight, increase your energy and cope with stress. Jogging is an excellent way to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful city. Atlanta, Georgia, has trails for joggers of all levels, so grab a good pair of running shoes and stretch your legs on one of these scenic routes.

Arabia Mountain Trail

The Arabia Mountain/South River Trail features 7,000 acres of protected land, including vibrant wildflower fields, flowing streams, rock formations and towering trees. It runs through Stonecrest, Panola and Mountain State Park. The trail is 20 miles long, making it ideal for a long peaceful jog. It is also set to be expanded in 2012. The trails are not rail-trails, which are typically flat, giving joggers of all levels the chance to challenge themselves as much or as little as they like.

Silver Comet

Silver Comet Trail is a 60-mile trail that starts in Smyrna, just outside Atlanta, and runs all the way to the border of Georgia and Alabama. The trail features fully paved roads built on top of abandoned railroad tracks. The trail crosses over a 500-foot trestle which sits above a raging river. Joggers can enjoy the scenic pine trees and rock cliffs.

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park features 15 miles of jogging trails, including a five mile paved roadway around the base of the mountain and a one mile trail leading to the peak. The trails feature breathtaking, panoramic views of the park below. Stone Mountain's trails are fairly steep and the terrain is difficult, so it is probably better suited for intermediate or advanced joggers. Wearing a pair of good, all-terrain shoes is a must for these trails.

Cochran Shoals

Cochran Shoals is part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation area, a national park located in Atlanta. Cochran Shoals is a four mile trail that runs alongside the scenic Chattahoochee River. The river valley features lush wetlands, beautiful woodlands and diverse wildlife, including blue herons, white-tailed deer and beavers. The Cochran Shoals trails feature varied terrains, including both dirt and gravel trails, making it ideal for joggers of all levels.

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