Jimmy Buffett Party Themes

by Marcy Reed
Create a variety of margaritas for your Jimmy Buffett party.

Create a variety of margaritas for your Jimmy Buffett party.

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Jimmy Buffett's music brings to mind sandy beaches, turquoise oceans and, of course, margaritas. If you need a day at the beach in your life but are far from the shore, plan a party with a Jimmy Buffett theme. Bring the beach to life using oceanic decorations, grill up some cheeseburgers in paradise and keep the frozen margarita mix flowing.


Your party theme starts with your invitations. Choose invitations that reflect the ocean, sea shells or palm trees. Buy small plastic palm trees and wrap the invitations around the trunk, securing the paper with a brightly colored ribbon. Better yet, print your invitations and attach them to the stems of plastic margarita cups. If you'd like, mention that shoes are optional for your beachy Buffett party.


Classic beach fare should be the backbone of your party menu. Pre-thread skewers of marinated chicken and shrimp for the grill. Prep vegetarian skewers with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and pineapple cubes. Set out tortilla chips with a variety of dips, including traditional tomato salsa and fruity mango salsa. Grill up cheeseburgers to serve in your party paradise and serve with grilled pineapple and sliced avocado.


Margaritaville is a state of mind, and your decorations will take your guests on a trip to the beach. If you don't have access to a real beach, host your party at a pool. If you can't access a pool, set up lounge chairs around plastic children's pools filled with water and inflatable plastic animals, like flamingos. Provide straw hats and suntan lotion for your guests.


Express your creativity and serve a variety of flavorful, fun margaritas. Use frozen fruit, such as mango, to add a sweet zip to your drinks. While you should include a high quality tequila on your shopping list, remember that some of your guests will appreciate alcohol-free margaritas. Keep the fun and frozen drinks flowing, but if your guests become inebriated, ask them to check their keys at the door and spend the night to sleep it off.

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