Jane Austen Party Games

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Jane Austen retains fans to this day.

Jane Austen retains fans to this day.

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Though many years have passed since Jane Austen's death, she still remains a favorite with many fans of the romantic and lovers of simpler times. If the prose of Jane Austen still holds a place in your heart, celebrate this author's life and works by hosting a party that is all about her. At this party, feature an assortment of Austen-themed games, keeping guests engaged and entertained as they celebrate all things Austen.

Austen Quote Matching

Many of the words penned by Austen so many years ago remain popular to this day. Test your guests' memory of Austen's immortal words with a quote matching game. Prior to your party, select some classic Austen quotes and type them up, printing them in large lettering on sheets of paper. Number each quote and place them around your party space. When guests enter, give each person a card with numbered blanks along with a pen. As guests mix and mingle, ask them to write down which Austen character said each set of words. At party's end, reveal the answers and award those who got the most correct with prizes for their efforts.

Austen Costume Contest

The garb common in Austen's time differs greatly from the clothing that we commonly don today. To make your Austen event a memorable one, feature a costume contest. Ask guests to come dressed in their best Austen-style gear, representing the era in which Austen lived. Either ask guests to dress as Austen herself, including several artists' renderings of Austen with the invitation to serve as examples, or ask them to dress as an Austen character. Hold voting and declare one of your costume wearers the winner at party's end.

Austen-Style Card Party

In Austen's time, card parties were all the rage. Give your guests a taste of this fun by throwing an Austen-style card party. Feature the card games that proved most popular during her time. For example, teach guests how to play whist, piquet or loo, as all were featured in the book "Emma." If planning a large party, arrange several stations and ask a friend to man each, explaining the rules of each game to the participants and assisting them in becoming proficient at each.

Austen Trivia Competition

If your party guests claim to be true Jane Austen aficionados, put their skills to the test with a trivia challenge. Prior to your party, revisit some of your favorite Austen texts and compose a series of trivia questions based upon the contents. For example, you could ask your guests, "What was the name of Mr. Darcy's impressive estate?" Create multiple choice questions, offering several options for each, make the questions true or false, or simply ask guests to write down their answers. After giving this Austen knowledge quiz, collect guests' papers and score them yourself or have them trade and grade them. Give an Austen-appropriate prize to the guest with the most correct answers, such as a hardbound version of an Austen classic or an English-themed gift basket full of tea and scones.

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