James Bond Party Games

by Krystal Miller

Some older children adore the fictional character James Bond, known as 007. If your child wants a James Bond-themed birthday party, create some games about the villain-fighting action hero to keep the children interested in the party and give them a chance to win a few prizes. Fill party favor bags with James Bond-themed stickers, coloring books and binoculars and give one to each child to take home as a memento of the party.

Hunt Games

Hide a variety of James Bond party favors around the party area for the guests to hunt. Some party favor ideas include binoculars, small toy weapons, spy kits, toy laser beams and plastic airplanes. Give each guest a small plastic bag to hunt the items. The player who finds the most items wins the game and an extra prize. Guests can take home the party favors they find. For added fun, draw a star on a couple of the hidden favors. The children who find these also win an additional prize.

Laser Beam Games

Make a laser beam game indoors using string or yarn. Tie the string from furniture to wall to chair to sofa to create a large room filled with string. Tell the children each string is a "laser beam" and they must avoid touching them. Award a prize to any player who can make it through the course without touching a laser beam. For an outdoor course, use large rope to hang from place to place and have the kids do the same thing.

Trivia Games

Ask everyone to sit down and ask them several trivia questions about James Bond. Award a prize to each player who answers a question correctly. Some example questions include "Name one James Bond movie" or "Name the movie in which you hear the question 'What are you boy, some kind of doomsday machine?'" For a variation, play the trivia in teams and award one point to each team for a correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Passing Games

Play a game like the classic "Hot Potato" with a twist by playing with a fake bomb. Wad up a large ball of foil to use as a bomb and have all the players sit in a circle. Play music and tell them to pass the bomb around the circle. The James Bond theme song would be ideal music. When the music stops, the player holding the bomb is out of the game. Eliminate one player each round and the last player remaining in the game wins a prize. You can also play with a James Bond toy and the last player remaining in the game wins the toy.