James Bond Party Costume Ideas

by Steven J. Miller

Whether you're male or female, you have a choice of many James Bond-themed costumes that you can don to memorialize your favorite 007 heroes and villains. The variety is plentiful enough to let you choose a character that matches your personality or undercover alter ego. By planning ahead of time, you can prepare the perfect costume and replicate your character down to the smallest detail.

James Bond

Dressing as James Bond himself, in his classic suave look, calls for a black tuxedo, a white tuxedo shirt, a black tie and dress black leather shoes. This is the character's most common and most widely recognized outfit. Adding a fake sleek handgun to the ensemble will give you an extra dash of secret agent flair. If you have the chance to ask for a drink at the costume party, make sure to ask for it "shaken, not stirred."


Men can dress as Jaws, one of the Bond series' most outlandish villains. Find a pair of metal teeth inserts to cover you teeth and wear a light blue suit or tan dockers with a white dress shirt. The metal teeth are the key component of the costume. You can also add a pair of skydiving glasses to replicate the famous scene where Jaws jumps out of the plane to catch Bond.

Miss Moneypenny

Women who'd like to dress as Miss Moneypenny need a grey pencil skirt, a simple long-sleeved, button-down collared blouse and a pair of sensible, low-heeled, black or grey pumps. If you have short dark hair, style it conservatively. If you have long and/or blond or red hair, a short, dark, conservative wig will help you nail the look.

Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson from "Goldfinger" is a perfect costume choice for a woman who wants to play up a sexy "Bond babe" role. Start with a 1960s-style blond, shoulder-length, straight-hair wig. You'll also need a form-fitting, metallic gold bodysuit. At the end of the movie, Masterson's killer covers her completely in gold so she won't be able to breathe. While her time on the screen is short, her gold appearance provides an iconic image from the early Bond movies.

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