What Is the Jackie Collins Book "Lucky" About?

by Elizabeth Burns Google

"Lucky," by Jackie Collins, is one of a series of novels of the powerful and ruthless Santangelo family. Lucky Santangelo is the beautiful and passionate daughter of Gino Santangelo, a rich and powerful gangster. It is the sequel to the first Santangelo novel, "Chances", a saga of sex, sin and power that charts Gino's rise from the slums of New York to a lucrative crime empire, while his daughter grows up to be equally deadly.


The eponymous Lucky becomes more independent of her father in this fast-paced sequel. She severs her business connections with him after he falls prey to an opportunistic widow. However, her ambition to carve out her own business empire is interrupted by her marriage to a Greek billionaire. She gives birth to a little boy but, although a devoted mother, Lucky still longs to become a business magnate in her own right.


Lucky, true to her name, overcomes a series of challenges and obstacles that would drive a lesser woman to despair. Her husband proves to be unfaithful and, to make matters worse, her son is kidnapped by a sadistic gangster from her past. Undeterred, Lucky sets out to rescue him.


Lucky eventually finds true love outside her marriage but she also discovers more about herself, as she must learn to balance her ambition with her emotional needs.


"Lucky" begins in Las Vegas but the action flicks between Hollywood, New York, Paris and a private Greek island throughout the course of the novel.

Lucky Close-up

The reader first encounters Lucky at the Las Vegas airport. She is described as "a strikingly beautiful woman of twenty-eight with an unruly mass of jet curls, black gypsy eyes, a wide sensual month, a deep suntan and a lean, looselimbed body."