ITunes Movie Rental Policies

by Allison Horky
Renting movies is one of Apple's most recent feature updates as of 2011.

Renting movies is one of Apple's most recent feature updates as of 2011.

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ITunes, developed by Apple, is a multimedia center on your computer that allows you to buy or rent movies from the Apple Store. Apple decides on the movies and new releases available, so not all titles exist in the library. Its policies on renting movies are simple and straightforward, allowing you flexibility in where you watch your movie and when.

Rental Time Period

Once you pay for the movie rental, either with your credit card or iTunes Store credit, the movie immediately begins to download to iTunes. You have 30 days to start watching the movie. Once you hit the "Play" button, you have 24 hours to finish the movie if you're in the U.S. You have 48 hours if you're outside of the U.S. The movie automatically disappears from your iTunes after the 24 or 48 hours. You may hit the "Play" button as late as the last second before your rental period expires and you can still watch the entirety of the film. You may watch the movie as many times as you like during the rental period of 24 or 48 hours.

Device Transfer

Apple allows you to transfer the movie to any device that supports playing movies. Compatible devices include transfer from your Mac or Windows computer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, third generation or later iPod nano, the iPod classic and to Apple TV. High-definition movies can be viewed on your computer, iPhone 4, iPad, fourth generation iPod touch or Apple TV. Once the movie transfers from your computer to another device, it disappears from your iTunes. The movie may be on multiple devices during the 24 or 48 hour watch time, but only on one device at a time. If you download the movie on your iPhone 4, iPad, fourth generation iPod touch or Apple TV, you're not allowed to transfer it back to a computer.

System Requirements

To watch a movie on your computer or hand-held device, your software must be up to date. For a computer, you must have iTunes 10 or later. IOS 4.2 or later is needed to rent movies on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. For Apple TV, you must own version 2.0 of the software or later for the movies to play through your TV device.

General Use

If you don't watch the movie during your 30-day rental period, it disappears from your iTunes. You must pay for the movie again if you want to watch it. The download speed of your movie depends on your Internet connectivity and speed. You're allowed to delete the movie before the rental period expires to make your room on your hard drive for other data. Some of the movies do have subtitles and/or closed captioning. Refer to the movie title or plot summary for an indication of closed captioning or subtitles.

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