Iroquois Hunting Tools

by Nick Mann
Iroquois weapons would vary depending upon which animal was being hunted.

Iroquois weapons would vary depending upon which animal was being hunted.

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The Iroquois are an Indian tribe that were originally concentrated in the upstate New York area of the United States. As expert hunters, the Iroquois tribe hunted several types of animals, which primarily included deer, fish, black bear and rabbits. In order to successfully hunt these creatures, they used a variety of hunting tools.


Spears were primarily used in order to help the Iroquois catch fish. Along with nets, these served as an effective means of easily capturing plenty of fish. In order to craft a spear, the Iroquois typically placed an arrow head at the end of a long stick. This was done by cutting out a groove at the end of the stick and securing an arrow head to it with a leather cord.

Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow was another popular weapon that was used by the Iroquois and many other Indian tribes. Usually, it was used in order to capture larger game like bear and deer. The bow and arrow was extremely useful because it gave the Iroquois the ability to hunt from a distance. In turn, this allowed them to sneak up on prey like deer without scaring them away. It also offered them safety with more dangerous animals like black bears because of the distance it allowed them to maintain from their prey.


The tomahawk was another hunting tool that was extremely valuable. In fact, it was a staple weapon not only of the Iroquois, but of most Native American tribes. Tomahawks were lightweight and resembled the modern day ax. As a result, they could be thrown at prey and were ideal for hunting deer.

War Club

The war club was a weapon that made use of blunt force trauma in order to kill prey. It essentially consisted of a piece of carved wood with a ball-shaped point at the end. Delivering a blow to the head of an animal such as a deer usually resulted in a quick and efficient death. In addition, a war club could be used as a tool and worked similarly to a hammer.

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