Iron Man Party Crafts

by Kent Page McGroarty
Create your own Iron Man costume.

Create your own Iron Man costume.

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Whether throwing a party with a specific "Iron Man" theme or creating a party all about superheros, Iron Man craft projects will certainly fit either bill. "Iron Man" is a Marvel comic created by Stan Lee for which live action films starring Robert Downey Jr. have also been made. Create edible Iron Man crafts and recycle materials to make items.

Paper Crafts

Paper craft ideas for Iron Man include coloring paper Iron Man masks, templates of which can be printed off sites such as or comic book blogs such as You can also make your own outline of a mask and make copies. Other paper craft ideas include making Iron Man puppets using coloring page images and craft sticks. Yet another option is to cut out Iron Man coloring pages for use in a paper diorama.

Edible Crafts

Edible Iron Man craft ideas include making sugar cookies in the shape of Iron Man as well as his helmet and decorating them with red and gold icing. Other ideas include helping children paint Iron Man fondant figurines with icing to use as cupcake toppers, or color ginger ale with green food coloring as homage to the liquid chlorophyll Tony Stark drinks in the second live action film. Another idea is to dye small cakes red and gold with food coloring.

Figurine Crafts

Use polymer clay to make Iron Man figurines, including Iron Man/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, War Machine, Whiplash and Black Widow. Other ideas include purchasing a collection of inexpensive Iron Man action figures for use in dioramas, which can include scenes from the live action films or using Iron Man in conjunction with other superhero action figures. Encourage guests to set up their Iron Man figurines in different poses in different areas of the event space to create funny photos with digital cameras.

Recycled Craft Ideas

Recycled craft ideas for Iron Man include using toilet paper rolls and coloring page cutouts to make Iron Man figures. Reuse old gold and red sweats to construct Iron Man costumes that can be worn with the paper Iron Man masks. In the same vein, use old red wigs to make Pepper Potts or Black Widow hair using red permanent markers.

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