The Irish Actor Colin Farrell

by Simon Fuller

Actor Colin Farrell skyrocketed to fame at the dawn of the new millennium and has since gained entry to the elite ranks of Hollywood's A-list, appearing in numerous blockbuster movies alongside other famous stars. Farrell is known for his dark good looks and string of relationships with actors and models as much as his acting ability.

Early Days

Colin Farrell was born in Castleknock, part of the Irish capital Dublin, in 1976. Farrell has two older sisters and an elder brother, and was influenced toward a career in acting by his sister Catherine. Catherine introduced him to some of the movie icons of the past, such as Marlon Brando, at a young age. Farrell's first experience of acting came when he was 12, when he played Puck in a school performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Acting Break

Farrell began to seriously pursue an acting career whilst living in Sydney, Australia, in the mid-1990s. Farrell worked as a waiter, among other jobs, to earn a living, and performed in an amateur production of "Kelly's Reign." He later returned to Dublin and enrolled in the Gaiety School of Acting, getting a small role in a low-budget movie called the "Disappearance of Finbar" among other parts. After leaving the School, Farrell was seen in "In A Little World of Our Own," a 1998 stage play in London, and also landed a regular role in the gentle Irish drama serial "Ballykissangel." His roles on stage brought him to the attention of Kevin Spacey, the Hollywood director and actor, and Farrell's first big movie role came in the form of the film "Ordinary Decent Criminal."

Filmography and Reception

Since his screen break in 2000, Farrell has gone on to perform in a number of big-budget movies. He has been seen in the superhero saga "Daredevil," for instance, playing Bullseye, a costumed villain, as well as a law enforcer in the police thriller film "S.W.A.T." Farrell has also dabbled in science fiction in 2002's "Minority Report," a surreal comedy-drama with "In Bruges" and historical epic in "The New World." While Farrell has won multiple awards, including a Golden Globe in 2009, his performances in movies such as "Alexander" have also met with some criticism.

Private Life

Farrell has had a stream of highly-publicized relationships since hitting the limelight in the early 2000s and was married to Amelia Warner, an actress from England, from July 2001 to November of that year. He has also dated Hazel Kareswarren, a model. He has a son, James, from his relationship with model Kim Bordenave; James was born in 2003 and has Angelman's syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder.

Sex Tape Controversy

In 2005, it was revealed that a video tape, featuring explicit footage of Farrell engaged in sexual acts with a former girlfriend, "Playboy" model Nicole Narain, had been leaked to a company called the Internet Commerce Group. Despite an LA judge placing a restraining order on the tape, it appeared on the Internet. Farrell sued both Narain and the ICG over the incident, claiming that Narain had deliberately tried to distribute the footage against his wishes. Farrell and Narain eventually reached a private settlement to the dispute in 2006.

About the Author

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