Invitations Ideas for 12-Year-Old Girls

by Erin Schreiner Google

A creative and thematically appropriate invitation can set the scene for your bash, effectively establishing your theme and getting guests excited about attending. When planning invites for your 12-year-old's gathering, select an invite theme that fits her interests and reflects her vibrant personality, making the announcement of the party one that creates quite a buzz.

Fashion-Forward Invitations

If your 12-year-old is a fan of fancy dress, make fashion the focus of her invitations. Create invites that resemble a purse, designing a purse out of paper and slipping an invite card into it, or using a purse outline as the base of your invitation. For an even more creative invitation option, use fabric scraps and your sewing skills to create a petite, doll-sized dress. Use a fabric marker or embroidery machine to add party details, or type out these details and print them on a piece of paper, then attach them as if they are a price tag. This option is particularly appropriate if your 12-year-old is a budding fashion designer, as you can create an actual model of one of her designs.

Artsy Options

For a tween who loves art, creating an art-themed invitation is a wise selection. Set the scene for a party at which guests get creative by typing out your invite on a small slip of cardstock, then attaching it with yarn to a tube of paint and a paintbrush. For another crafty option, tape a small bag of beads, a clasp and wire on which to string them to your invitation. On the invite, write a note asking guests to use the beads to create a piece of jewelry to wear to the event.

Sports-Themed Fun

To announce a sports extravaganza, prepare an appropriately sporty invite. Use a photo of your party honoree engaged in her favorite sport and create an invite that looks like the cover of a magazine, allowing her to take center stage. Or model your invitation after a scoreboard, creating a baseball-style scoreboard, for example, and placing the honoree's name in place of the team name, the words "You're Invited" at the top and the party details below the score.

Floral Invites

Announce your party with a frilly invite by creating a floral invitation for your feminine 12-year-old. Have your tween help you create tissue paper flowers, cutting petals out of paper of many colors and gathering them together to create a full blossom, then securing the collection with green floral wire. Make some green paper leaves and write the invitation details on these. For a photographic floral invitation, head over to a local flower-rich site and snap shots of the blooms. Use the best one you get as a background for your card, turning it into a watermark, or create a card with this image on the front and details of the event on the inside. If you capture too many images to select just one, create a collage with the best of them to feature as many pictures as possible.