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1950s Theme Invitations

Hot rods, greasers, poodle skirts and leather jackets are often associated with the 1950s. It's only natural that a 1950s-themed party would include invitations bearing symbols of the times. Coming up with the ideal 1950s-themed invitation doesn't require a trip to the store. In fact, with a little creativity and some craft supplies, you can make the invitations in the comfort of your home.

3 Dimensional Invitations

You've got a party coming up, and you want your invitations to give your guests a preview of the unforgettable time they'll have at the celebration. Three-dimensional invitations are immediately eye-catching, a nice change from traditional paper invites and may help your friends and loved ones remember to RSVP and attend your birthday, anniversary or baby shower event.

Free Evite Invitations & Party Ideas

With Evite, you can e-mail party invitations from the web or your iPhone or other smart phone. Evite also offers an array of party planning ideas. It doesn't cost anything to send out e-mail invites and browse Evite's party planning ideas. To send e-mail invites, you have to register for a free account.

40 Year Anniversary Invitation Ideas

Whether you're planning a 40th anniversary celebration so that your friends and family can celebrate the occasion with you and your spouse, or want to surprise your parents or loved ones with an anniversary event, you'll want the invitations for the party to be indicative of the party's level of formality. Specific colors and flowers are also associated with the 40th anniversary, and these elements make the invitation attractive as well.

60's Theme Party Invitations

The 1960s was a time of social changes that were reflected in the development of new styles in music, art and fashion. Among the trends coming out during the 1960s were the Beatniks, the Mods, hippie culture and groove. The period was not only colorful, but also filled with symbols, icons and patterns that give various ideas for 1960s party invitations.

'70s Party Invites

Disco balls, bell bottoms and platform shoes are staples for a 1970s retro-themed party, but those touches will be seen only after the party has begun. If you're looking to get your prospective guests in the mood before the party date arrives, themed invitations will help them feel the groove.

80th Birthday Invitation-Writing Ideas

The 80th birthday is an important milestone and the day should be celebrated with a memorable party. If you are organizing this party, you should send out invitations via post or email. Regardless of the method you choose, you need to find the right words to compose the invitation so that it best represents the guest of honor and welcomes all guests.

Acceptance Wording for Wedding Invitations

So your sibling is getting married -- or your friend from college or your particularly friendly and inclusive coworker -- and you've been invited! If you received a formal hard-copy wedding invitation in the mail, chances are it includes a blank RSVP card to send your response. Even if the wedding invitation doesn't include a dedicated blank card to send your reply, you must RSVP, or "répondez, s'il vous plaît" -- French for "please respond" -- as soon as possible.

How to Address Invitations for a Baby Shower When a Couple Is Not Married

Many modern-day families now live together before getting married. When you have a baby shower, you want to properly address the invitations to display the names of both guests properly. This can be done easily by following a few etiquette rules.

After Marriage Shower Invitation Wording

Although bridal showers are typically held before the wedding, there are instances when it makes sense to have them afterward. Sometimes the couple is unable to have a pre-wedding bridal shower because of military or job commitments that make it impractical. Other times, the couple may elope and be unable to celebrate their nuptials with friends and family before the wedding. A post-bridal shower gives friends and family the opportunity to celebrate the couple's marriage.

American Idol Party Invitations & Game Ideas

If your child is a fan of "American Idol," it may not surprise you when she requests an "Idol"-themed birthday party. Set the mood of the singing talent show with appropriate invitations and exciting games planned for her party guests. Bring out the superstar in your daughter and her friends with an "American Idol" party.

Appropriate Wording for Grandma's Birthday Party Invitations

Whether your grandmother is celebrating a milestone birthday, or is just turning another year older, a birthday party is a great way to show your appreciation for her. When throwing a party for your grandmother, consider the fact that formal invitations may be the best way to invite her friends and relatives. While you may be used to texting, emailing or e-viting birthday party announcements to your own pals, it is good etiquette to maintain formality when it comes to your grandmother.

Arabian-Themed Wording for Invitations

Arabian-themed parties are a fun way to celebrate Arabic culture and experience the flavor of the Middle East. There are many variations, including an Arabian Nights or Arabic dance party. Depending on the type you're hosting, you can use different invitation styles. There are several forms of wording to fit the invitations in with the party theme.

Army Wedding Invitation Ideas

Many couples with one or both members in the Army are proud of serving the country through the military -- so much so that they'll want an Army-themed wedding. When throwing a wedding with this military theme, kick off the festivities by creating an Army invitation. These cards can be as formal or fun as you choose, so create one that matches the couples one-of-a-kind personality.

Attire Wording for Invitations

Hosts often worry about how to convey the required or suggested attire for their events. Potential guests also worry about the meaning of attire instructions on invitations. No one wants to show up at an event underdressed or overdressed. While there are agreed-upon phrases for attire, such as "formal," the meaning of the phrases may vary among different groups. Hosts also want to avoid attire wording that is open to interpretation, so the challenge is in how to make sure you are understood without including a list of no-no's on the invitation. Your guests will appreciate your use of appropriate attire phrasing.

Baby Christening Invitation Wording

A christening or baptism is the time when a baby or child is accepted into the church. In many families and religions, this is a momentous occasion and friends and extended family are invited to celebrate. Some families also choose to name godparents for a child at or before the christening. There are many different ways to phrase a christening invitation, depending on your personal preferences.

Baby Shower Invites With Detachable Advice Card

Expectant mothers receive lots of advice from their friends and family. It seems as if everyone has a bit of wisdom to impart about babies, for good or for ill. From having and rearing the baby to dealing with the husband afterward, there are people just itching to pass along what they've learned. What better time to give them the chance than at the baby shower? Including a detachable advice card along with the invitation allows everyone to chime in with what you need to know.

Baby Shower Wording Samples

A much anticipated event for parents-to-be is the baby shower. Friends and family gather to celebrate the baby and parents by bringing gifts. When hosting a baby shower, remember that the shower invitation gives guests the first impression, and explains important details. Set the shower's theme and possibly the nursery decor with baby shower wording. Introduce the baby's gender and name, if the parents wish, in the invitation. Finally, indicate where the parents are registered.

Baby's First Birthday: Homemade Invitations

On your child's first birthday, there is plenty to celebrate with family and friends. Although he may not understand the significance of this milestone until he's much older, he'll still be excited to plunge into the cake at his party. Since this is such a sentimental party, instead of purchasing generic first birthday invitations, make your own. Using paper that matches the color scheme of the event and crafting supplies, you can make adorable homemade invitations.