Invitations with a 1920s Theme

by Lanh Ma
Get your friends dressed up for a 1920s party.

Get your friends dressed up for a 1920s party.

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The 1920s recalls a time of decadence and excess, when Prohibition was in full swing and women shunned the corset in favor of a freer flapper aesthetic. Whether you are having a 1920s-themed wedding or you simply want to have your own speakeasy party, consider what you are going to send out as invitations. The right 1920s-inspired invitation gets your guests in the mood for the celebration long before they walk in the door.


The flapper, a young woman with bobbed hair in a loosely draped dress, was one of the iconic images of the decade. Choose invitations that feature a flapper to get your guests in the right mind-set. You may choose a very detailed image for an invitation that has other embellishments on it, or you can choose a simple silhouetted figure for a simple invitation. The flapper's silhouette is definitely recognizable.

Vintage Book Covers

"The Sun Also Rises" and "The Great Gatsby" were two books that defined the 1920s, both for the people of the era and people who came later. Print out copies of the book covers on cardstock and write, stamp or print your invitations on the back. For a vintage look, soak the cardstock in tea afterward and allow it to dry. This gives the invitation a distressed appearance.

Secret Message

Prohibition didn't keep people from drinking. One way that they could imbibe was to go to a speakeasy, an illegal club where alcohol was sold. Entrance to a speakeasy might be limited to people who knew a certain password. Send your invitation on a ripped piece of brown paper, with the details written in simple pencil. Write the "password" on the bottom and roll up the paper or fold it up tightly before sending it off.

Vintage Photograph

Take a picture of yourself in full costume and use an image editing program to give it cracks and a sepia tint. This calls to mind the past in a perfect way for a 1920s-themed party. Print the image on cards and print the invitation information on the back. Alternatively, make copies on cardstock of a real photograph from the 1920s and print your invitations on the copies.

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