Invitation Wording Ideas for a Milestone Birthday

by Tamiya King

A milestone birthday is an ideal time to have an elaborate party for your loved one to commemorate a new phase of life. And, in order for all the right people to be present at the party, an informative and timely invitation is necessary. Attention-getting wording is an effective way for guests to remember to mark their calendars for the celebration, and can showcase the guest of honor's personality as well.

First Birthday Invitations

Start your baby's first birthday invitation off with something like, "Look how fast the year has gone! Can you believe it? (baby's name) is turning 1!" You can even use the child's picture as a backdrop for the invitation. Or, you can begin the document with upbeat wording that lets loved ones know what to expect at the event, like "Bring your pails and shovels to come and play. (baby's name) is turning 1 at the beach today!"

16th Birthday Invitations

The wording for a 16th birthday invitation should reflect your son's style, or indicate the step your daughter is making from a little girl to a young woman. For instance, if your teen likes sports, wording like, "Grab your favorite jersey and foam fingers for some serious tailgating! It's the biggest sporting event of the year! (teen's name) is turning 16!" For a party that celebrates your teen's transition into young adulthood, phrasing like, "From sneakers to high heels, lip gloss to lipstick, (teen's name) is turning 16, and you don't want to miss it!"

21st Birthday Invitations

The 21st birthday is a milestone, because the person celebrating the birthday is considered an adult and is legally able to drink to commemorate it. An invitation directly related to this birthday might say something like, "Raise your glasses! (guest of honor) is 21! It's time for drinks, dancing and a night filled with fun!" For a 21-year-old who prefers a more sophisticated celebration, wording like, "You're invited to a tasting featuring wines from (guest of honor's birth year) to commemorate (guest of honor)'s birthday, and the first year she can indulge in such beverages."

Decade Birthday Invitations

Achieving the milestone of turning another decade older should be detailed in the birthday invitation, so guests will know what to expect when it comes to party decorations or even gag gifts. For instance, something like, "Even though he needs glasses and his body may ache, he's never too old for a party and cake! (guest of honor)'s turning 60!" There are also certain precious metals associated with some milestone birthdays, so an invitation that reflects this is ideal as well. Start the document off with something like, "It's (guest of honor)'s golden birthday! You're invited to a celebration to show her how rare, precious and beautiful she is!"