Invitation Ideas for Vacation Bible School

by Robin Reichert
Christian-based Vacation Bible school is both fun and educational.

Christian-based Vacation Bible school is both fun and educational.

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Many churches in the USA host an annual vacation Bible school for kids from pre-school to high school. Vacation Bible school is an outreach ministry that seeks to educate children about the Christian religion in a fun environment. The school is similar to a day camp and is held for three or four hours daily for five consecutive days during summer vacation. Kids learn about the Christian faith while playing games, making arts and crafts and taking part in sing-a-longs.

e-Card Invitations

Parents, Sunday school students and teachers can participate in an email e-card vacation Bible school mailing. You can create electronic cards, or e-cards, for free and send them to people on your email list. Sites such as, and provide free templates that you may customize with your own personal greeting. Parents can type in the information for kids who can then send e-card invitations to all their friends through email. Sunday school teachers and vacation Bible school teachers can use free Christian themed e-cards to remind parents about vacation Bible school.

Hand Colored Invitations

Sunday school classes can hand color invitation flyers in class the week before vacation Bible school begins. Teachers can print free coloring pages at or design their own coloring page invitation. Teachers print the pages with the date, location and time for the vacation Bible school and the children color the pictures. The Sunday school students then distribute their flyers at the park, display them in local store windows or give them to kids in their neighborhood. Children can take extra copies home to color and distribute.

Door Hangers

Distribute door hanger invitations in neighborhoods one week prior to the first day of vacation Bible school. Purchase blank door hangers at local office supply stores or online. The blank forms are designed using a computer and a form template that is supplied with the door hanger blanks. Distribute finished door hangers to volunteers who will hang the invitations in their neighborhood or in a designated area.

Bulletin Inserts

Insert a post card invitation into each church bulletin on the Sunday prior to the start of vacation Bible school. Encourage church members to share the postcard with a friend who has children that may be interested in attending Bible school. Use one side of the post card to describe some of the planned learning activities, games, field trips and crafts that are scheduled. Use the other side of the postcard to print dates, location and contact information.

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