Invitation Ideas for a Pig Barbecue

by Tiff Coe
Use fun invitations to build excitement for your BBQ before guests even arrive.

Use fun invitations to build excitement for your BBQ before guests even arrive.

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Planning a barbecue? With a few supplies and a little creativity, send invitations that are sure to make an impact on your invitees. Unique invitations, sent either electronically or by postal mail, can be used to not only provide necessary party information but also to build excitement for your event.

Traditional Mailed Invitations

For a traditional mailed invitation, select a card stock that has a picnic, patriotic or other relevant theme. You can find an array of blank invitations and stationary that you can customize with your home computer or by hand at your local craft store. This quick, low-budget approach is an easy way to carry the theme of your event over to your mailed invitations.

3D Mailed Invitations

If you want to wow your invitees a bit more, send a 3D mailer. Print the details of your invitation on a basic card stock and roll it up with a BBQ bib a cloth napkin or a bandana. Send along something that the party guest is supposed to bring or wear to your event, such as a plastic pig nose.

Online Invitations

Many websites offer themed electronic invites. Two popular providers are Evite ( and Punchbowl ( On your preferred site, simply search the templates for the theme of your event. You will have the opportunity to share event details and updates through the online invite system, as well as to monitor RSVPs.

Additional Ideas

Whether you choose to send your invitations through the postal service or via email, consider incorporating one or more of these tactics to further build enthusiasm for your event: include photos from prior barbecues you have held; include a raffle ticket or number so the guest has a chance to win prizes at the event; or add recipes that you will be preparing at the party.


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