Invitation Ideas for a Ninja Turtle Party

by Kristen Marquette
Let your child help make the Ninja Turtle party invitations.

Let your child help make the Ninja Turtle party invitations.

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The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon appeared in 1987. Named after famed artists, Donatello, Leonard, Michelangelo and Raphael continue to capture the hearts of little boys and girls with their marshal arts skills, catchphrases and adolescent attitude, making the cartoon the perfect theme for birthday parties. Begin planning your Ninja Turtle party by creating the invitations.

Manhole Covers

The Turtles live in the sewers of New York with their master, Splinter. Let their sewer home inspire you to make manhole-cover invitations. Cut a large circle out of a piece of gray card stock. Write "N.Y.C. Sewer" across the middle of the circle. The Turtles have only three fingers, so cut two three-fingered hands out of green craft foam or construction paper. To make it look like one of the Turtles is holding the manhole, glue the hands on opposite sides of the circle. Flip the invitation over and write the party information on the back.


Create invitations that look like the Turtles' favorite food: pizza. Cut a large circle out of brown card stock (the crust), a slightly smaller circle out of yellow construction paper (the cheese) and three to five small circles out of red construction paper (the pepperoni). Glue the yellow circle on top of the brown circle and the red circles on the yellow circle. Using a black marker, divide the pizza into triangular slices. On the back of the invitation, write all the pertinent information about the party.


Each Turtle carries a different weapon and wears a different-colored mask. Donatello wields a bo staff and wears a purple mask; Leonardo has katanas (swords) and wears a blue mask; Michelangelo uses nunchucks and wears an orange mask; and Raphael possesses sais and wears a red mask. Feature your favorite Turtle's weapon of choice on your invitation. Choose a piece of card stock that correlates with your favorite Turtle, such as orange for Michelangelo. Fold the paper in half. Cut the weapon of your choice out of craft foam or construction paper and glue it on the front of the card. Write the party information inside the card.


No matter what type of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" invitation you design, don't forget to include a Turtle catchphase on the front or the inside of the invitation. The cartoon has turned out phases such as "Cowabunga!" "Turtle power!" and "Let's turtlize them!" Or use part of the show's theme song --- which characterizes each Turtle --- on the invitation. For example, the theme song describes Michelangelo as a "party dude" and Raphael as "cool but rude."

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