Invitation Crafts for 13 Year Olds

by Iam Jaebi
Get ready for a birthday party by creating invitations.

Get ready for a birthday party by creating invitations.

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Turning 13 years old is a special time in every young person's life. It is the first significant double-digit age as a child moves from adolescence into teenage years, which brings new social and physical expectations. However, 13-year-olds remain on the threshold of being young kids, making craft activities ideal for many occasions, particularly a birthday party. This makes it an easy proposition for your 13-year-old to design and build her own invitations.

Spin Art Invitations

Spin art invitations require few materials and are quick to create, which is a benefit if you are inviting a lot of guests. Materials include a roll of "Admit One" tickets, colored printing paper, three or more colors of washable paint, a salad spinner, scissors and glue. Cut the card stock into squares that fit into the salad spinner and drip paint on them. When the spinner does its thing, paint flies in all directions making for wild patterns. You want the lid on during the spinning. Afterward, glue the card stock to a folded piece of colored paper that contains party details and then glue the ticket to the card stock. Write the name and theme of the party on the ticket.

Starlet Invitations

Starlet invitations are ideal for a birthday party for 13-year-old girls. Pink card stock is required, as are scissors, vellum sheets glue and pretty stickers, or anything that can be used for glamorous bling. Start by folding the card stock in half and then cut it into the shape of sunglasses (see Resources). Leave the fold intact to give the glasses a double-rim effect and allow them to open and close like a greeting card. Cut vellum sheets in the shape of glass lenses, which makes a nice variance from the pink card stock. Write details on the inside of the glasses and add "bling" to the frames before sending out.

Rocket Invitations

Rocket Invitations work for many themed parties, such as space parties, and are simple to decorate. Based on the maturity of the 13-year-old and his friends, the rocket icon fits within a scalable theme of events to fit the young persons tastes. Using the template rocket download from Family Fun, young teens may color, outline and fancy up the rocket using any palette of colors. The circle in the rocket serves as a "porthole" into the vessel where a picture of the birthday star is placed. Alternatively, any other party element (You're Invited!) may be placed there.

Pillow Case Invite

Sleepover parties are favorites of teenagers and pre-teens alike, making it ideal for your 13-year-old. The pillowcase invite has "sleepover" written all over it. Use a 7-by-10 inch piece of fabric, folded and glued, to create a mini pillowcase and the theme of the party comes to life the moment kids receive the invitation. Place card stock with the party details inside the pillow along with cotton balls or bubble wrap, for added pillow effect.

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