Investment Theme Party Ideas

by Jen Wilson
Host an investment-themed party for colleagues and friends.

Host an investment-themed party for colleagues and friends.

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Hosting a party with an investment theme is a creative way to both entertain and educate your guests. With so many investment vehicles in the market, you can have a party that covers a broad spectrum of investing ideas, or have your party focus on a specific theme, like real estate, stock options, bonds or futures. Your party can be as diversified as your financial advisor wants your portfolio to be, or as specific as you decide to make it.


Decorate your venue like a stock exchange. Stock-ticker banners can be custom-printed at many party-supply stores. Use plates, napkins and flatware in silver, gold and platinum colors. Throw stock-order slips on the floor, and set up TV screens throughout the party with investment news shows on them. Be sure to set the television volume on mute so that guests can enjoy music and conversation.

Commodity Hors d'Oeuvres

Serve your guests snacks and treats based on commodities. Edible commodities include pork, beef, frozen orange juice concentrates, coffee, soybeans and corn. Make a variety of coffee drinks and orange juice spritzers. Bake up some pulled-pork mini sandwiches; grill some pork, veggie and tofu kabobs; whip up a corn and avocado dip with a side of peppered beef tenderloin crostinis with caramelized onions and a honey-Dijon sauce. Present them on napkins or side plates with "Commodities" printed on them. Feel free to be silly with some of your ideas, such as a "crude oil" beverage with rum or bourbon and cola, and serve it to your guests in barrel-shaped glasses.

Market Games

Games and raffles can be great fun for smaller parties. Team Monopoly is always exciting and educational, but note that it often takes two to four hours to play a full game. Monopoly boards can be purchased with a wide range of themes, from the traditional real estate version to Monopoly Trader (featuring stock properties instead of physical properties). Have special stock certificates printed to use as your party invitations. You can even order stock certificates from actual companies and raffle them off to your guests, or give them away as a thank-you to your friends for attending your fete.

New Year Annuity Theme

Throw a New Year's party with annuities as the theme. If you or any of your guests are brokers or financial advisors, have a business card exchange. Place a guest book near the entryway at the party next to a stack of annuity package fliers for your guests to take with them, or consider making goodie bags filled with any information you want your guests to look over once your soiree is finished.

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