Internet Service Providers in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

by Josh Patrick

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, is a small resort town on the banks of the Rio Grande River. A retirement and vacation destination, Truth or Consequences is not burdened with the high cost of living seen by similar communities. Residents have affordable housing and public services, including a variety of Internet service providers. With the Internet, you can get away from it all in Truth or Consequences without feeling disconnected.


Charter Communications sells cable television and Internet service in Truth or Consequences. Charter's cable Internet is available at speeds of 1, 12, 18, 25 and 60Mbps. Higher speeds cost more but also allow you to do more with the Internet, such as manage a home network or play online games. All Charter Internet packages come with an Internet security suite, personal email accounts with gigabytes of online storage and the sports network ESPN3.


Windstream offers DSL Internet service at speeds of 6, 12 and 18Mbps. DSL travels over phone lines but does not interfere with voice service. Windstream also sells features that add to the value of their packages. Online backup protects important data in the event of catastrophe. Security software protects you from spam, viruses and identity theft. If you want to establish a home network but lack the know-how, a Windstream technician can visit your home and configure all the necessary hardware.


While AT&T; does not yet offer DSL service in Truth or Consequences, they do sell traditional dial-up and mobile broadband access. Dial-up is admittedly too slow for most Internet users today. Mobile broadband via a LaptopConnect card relies on AT&T;'s cellular network to send and receive Internet data. The speed and reliability of a mobile broadband connection depends entirely on the strength of the cellular signal. Wi-Fi hotspots, often located in coffee shops and libraries, can provide reliable signal strength.


Satellite Internet from WildBlue works in areas where DSL and cable do not reach. Subscribers only need a clear view of the sky to receive service. WildBlue's Value package offers downloads at 512Kbps, the Select at up to 1.0Mbps, while the Pro package tops out at 1.5Mbps. Shipping and handling, installation and equipment lease fees add to the cost of satellite Internet. Additionally, WildBlue limits customer downloads to ensure fairness to all subscribers. Going beyond your monthly allowance will lead to a temporary speed reduction.

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