International-Themed Girls' Birthday Party Ideas

by Terry Mulligan
Go international and explore other countries for a girls' birthday party.

Go international and explore other countries for a girls' birthday party.

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Choosing an international girls' birthday party theme opens up a world of possibilities for invitations, decorations, party favors, games and birthday cakes. Every continent in the world has something special to offer; the party theme can showcase the best of any country.

African Safari Picnic

Create wild African safari birthday invitations on cheetah print paper to announce an African Safari party. Create "pin the tail on the Lion" for a twist on an old party game. Decorate the party room with elephants, lions, giraffes and monkeys. Give African-style wood necklaces as party favors. Make a special birthday cake in the shape of a jeep with a picture of the birthday girl peeking out of the driver's seat.

London Runway Fashion Show

Girls love to dress up, and a London runway fashion show is an exciting international theme for a birthday party. Announce the party by printing a mini skirt on the invitation. Create a runway in the party room and invite the girls to show up for a friendly fashion competition. Decorate the room with oversized pictures of shoes, boots, purses, makeup and jewelry. Tie curling ribbon around individual bottles of pink nail polish and hand them out as party favors. Make a pink purse-shaped cake for the birthday girl.

Greek Goddess Gathering

Create an invitation with a white toga and gold leaf decorations for a Greek Goddess Gathering. Tell the guests to come dressed like little Greek goddesses and have a costume contest. Decorate the party room with tall cardboard cutouts of Greek columns and chariots. Give all the guests a party favor of gold-wrapped chocolate coins like the ones used in ancient Greece. Decorate the birthday cake with a gold leaf crown and place a birthday inscription in the middle.

Mexican Fiesta

Create little post cards with a border of sombreros and Mexican guitars for birthday party invitations to a Mexican fiesta. Put a twist on the pinata game by filling the colorful object with candy and girly trinkets. Decorate the room with flamenco dancer posters, Mexican blankets, colorful balloons and chili pepper party lights. Give gift certificates to local fast-food Mexican restaurants for party favors. Make a creative birthday cake in the shape of two Mexican maracas with one side in chocolate and the other in vanilla.

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