Interesting Places to Go in New Jersey

by Anne Davis

New Jersey, one of the United States' original 13 colonies, is home to nearly nine million people. Although it's the fifth smallest state, New Jersey has a diverse topography that is divided into five regions: the Appalachian Piedmont, the Appalachian Valley, the Coastal Plain, the Ridge and the Appalachian Plateau.

World's Longest Boardwalk

Not only is New Jersey the birthplace of the modern boardwalk, it is also the home of the world's longest continuous boardwalk. The 4-mile-long boardwalk in Atlantic City, which was originally built in 1870, traces beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and is littered with shops, restaurants and hotels. And because it's in Atlantic City, visitors can stop in at any of the many casinos or nightclubs after spending a day lounging at the beach.

Carranza Memorial

Located in Wharton State Forest near Tabernacle, the Carranza Memorial is a stone monument to Captain Emilio Carranza, a Mexican aviator who crashed there in 1928 on the return leg of a goodwill flight from New York City to Mexico -- a flight that was a response to Charles Lindbergh's goodwill flight the previous year. The monument is set deep within the New Jersey Pine Barrens, offering an opportunity to explore New Jersey's nature and wildlife.

Washington's Crossing the Delaware

Johnson's Ferry, the site where George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas day in 1776, is accessible at the Washington Crossing State Park near Titusville. This 3,126-acre park is home to the Johnson Ferry House and the Swan Historical Foundation Collection. The park also has hiking, skiing and biking trails, nature preserves and an open-air theater that hosts play series during the warmer months.

Cape May

Cape May is the southernmost point in the state. This small town is full of places to visit and things to do. Visit the historic Cape May lighthouse, which was built in 1858, or the World War II Fire Control Tower No. 23, the last remaining World War II tower left in the state. Stroll along the Washington Street Mall in downtown Cape May, shop and dine on fresh seafood. Several whale-watching cruises are offered daily.

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