How to Install a Party Canopy

by David Ferris
Start by laying the poles out on the ground.

Start by laying the poles out on the ground.

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Outdoor parties are great, but their enjoyment is often subject to the weather. Excessive heat or rain can ruin the whole affair. Party canopies can guard against both, offering shade from the sun or a covering from a rainstorm. However, many people, perhaps traumatized by memories of camping tents gone awry, are hesitant to try to install party canopies. The process is relatively straightforward and adds a festive touch to your event.

Step 1

Unwrap the canopy and spread it flat on the ground where you want to install it. Pull the straps out from underneath the canopy and lay them on the ground.

Step 2

Connect pole sections per the instructions of your canopy. Often, it is self-evident which pole sections fit together since they will have a "male" end and a "female" end. The center pole is generally longer, when fully connected, than the corner and side poles.

Step 3

Install the stakes that came with the tent by pushing them into the ground a few feet from the edge of the tent. Use a hammer if the ground is firm. Loop the straps into the stakes.

Step 4

Insert the four corner poles in their respective holes in the canopy. Lean them slightly inward when you position them vertically to accommodate for the slightly outward pull the fully erected canopy will exert. Tighten the straps for each pole.

Step 5

Install the side poles in the same manner. Make sure to tighten to straps. By now you should see the canopy taking shape.

Step 6

Fit the center pole into the center grommet and raise it upward so its straight and vertical. Fasten the jumper rope to this pole if your canopy includes one.

Step 7

Go around the perimeter of the canopy and check all poles and straps, tightening where necessary to ensure structural integrity.

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