Inside Places to Go on a First Date

by Kyra Sheahan

Getting up the nerve to ask someone on a first date may have felt like an emotional obstacle course, but the pressure still isn't over. Now it's time to brainstorm ideas for an inside place to go with your date. Think about the ambiance you want to set for the event. Whether you choose a casual or romantic mood, it will dictate the indoor choice that is most appropriate for you.


Restaurants are traditional first-date hot spots. This indoor setting gives couples the chance to talk over lunch or dinner, relax as they enjoy beverages and linger over dessert. The dining experience can range from casual to formal, depending on the type of atmosphere you want. When taking your date out to dinner, it is best to let her know the restaurant you have in mind so that she can dress appropriately.


Pubs are effective environments for casual first dates. The laid-back atmosphere at a pub can reduce pressure and give you distractions to laugh about and discuss. Find the nicer pubs in your area so that you do not accidentally take your date to a dive bar. Also, keep in mind that pubs tend to become crowded on the weekend, and they do not take reservations.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters are indoor, first-date options, but they are not conducive environments for talking and getting to know one another. If you choose to go to the movies on your first date, follow it up by going out for ice cream afterward and discussing the film. Or, combine indoor activities by going out to dinner and then heading to the movie.

Bowling Alleys

Another casual, indoor spot take your first date is the bowling alley. Bowling alleys can bring out your inner, competitive kid. Taking your date bowling gives you the chance to engage in a fun activity, talk and get to know one another, laugh at bowling blunders, and snack on the not-so-gourmet foods.

Wine Tasting

Some local wine stores host formal wine tastings to attract customers. If a wine store near you is advertising for a wine-tasting event, consider this an indoor option for your first date. You and your date will get to sample a variety of wines, nosh on fruit, cheese and chocolate and mix and mingle with other couples.

Comedy Club

Going to a comedy club gives you and your date a chance to laugh with one another. This may help you bond over a mutual sense of humor, and it gives you material to laugh about even after the show is over.

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