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by Daniel Francis
Juan Soler shown with wife Maki.

Juan Soler shown with wife Maki.

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Juan Soler Valls Quiroga was born on January 19, 1966. He came to fame as a rugby player in Argentina. His good looks landed him modeling work. At the end of this career as a rugby player, he went to modeling and acting full time. He has appeared in movies and on television.


Juan Soler -- his professional name -- stands just over 6 feet tall. He weighs about 185 lbs. He has light brown hair and green eyes. His siblings are named Facundo, Maria Jose and Maria Ines. He was first engaged to be married at age 14 to a girl from his home town. He was 36 when he first got married in Acapulco, Mexico. He owns the restaurant El Che Loco in Mexico City.

Family Life

Juan Soler Valls Quiroga was born in the town of San Miquel de Tucuman, known as Tucuman, in Northern Argentina. He was born to Juan Valls and Quequi Quiroga, from Catalunya, and Galicia, Spain, respectively. Juan is the oldest of the four children in his family. He has one daughter born in 1999 who lives in Argentina. In 2003, he married Argentine actress Maki Moguilevsky. Together they have two daughters. As of the date of publication, Juan, Maki and their daughters live in Mexico City, Mexico.


Juan played rugby as a teenager in his home town out of a love for the sport. In 1989 he made his debut as a player with the Argentine rugby union. His first game was against Italy in the stadium in Buenos Aires. His ruby career lasted three years. Injuries he suffered in a car accident kept him hospitalized for months. During this time he reconsidered what he was going to do with his life after his short rugby career.


After doing some modeling, Juan pursued acting. He began with children's theater in Argentina. He decided to move to Mexico City to seek work in telenovelas, the Latina American version of American soap operas. Juan played telenovelas for Argentina and Peruvian audiences. He appeared in numerous Mexican telenovelas from the 1990s forward. He starred in the Spanish language version of the American Play "P.S. Your Cat is Dead," which toured Mexico and the United States. In 2004, he garnered a nomination as best actor for his performance in the telenovela "Apuesta por un Amor." He also appeared in the feature film "Il tocco: la sfida."

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