Information on Palomino Yearling Campers

by John Cagney Nash

Palomino is a manufacturer of folding campers, travel trailers, fifth-wheels and truck campers. Yearling is a fold-down, pop-up towable camper manufactured by Palomino. Nine different floor plans are offered, as well as a number of options. But in general, the exterior height is less than 5 feet when closed, typical hitch weight is between 150 and 325 lbs. and cargo weighing between 400 and 1,100 lbs., depending on the model, can safely be loaded for towing.


Palomino Yearlings are compact and lightweight but they are also accommodating and spacious when fully extended. The collapsible feature allows for easy towing by people with little or no experience. Floors, walls and cabinets are typically manufactured from easy-to-clean materials.


Palomino Yearlings are made on a 3- or 4-inch, powder-coated tubular steel chassis and frame with fiberglass skins. The units typically weigh from 1,160 to 2,111 lbs. unloaded. Yearlings are equipped with a one-piece Filon fiberglass roof, which provides excellent thermal resistance compared to canvas units and makes it easy to lift the unit from its storage/towing configuration.

Internal Lay-Out

A typical floor plan features front and rear bunks that slide out to either 54 and 60 or 60 and 66 inches, a dinette/seating combination with under-seat storage and a separate seating area. More storage is provided in cabinets. The kitchen area consists of a three-burner stove and a sink. One model features a sofa bed and two others feature wrap-around seating with storage.

Standard Fittings and Equipment

Yearlings come standard with a 9- or 11-foot awning, window curtains, vented bed end curtains, four leveling jacks equipped with sand pads, a 25-amp power converter complete with a battery charger, a propane bottle, a spare tire, bracket and cover and an underfloor 23-gallon water tank. They also feature a clothes bar, patio light, a five-piece tent, an entry step and an exterior 120-volt GFI outlet, as well as an outside gas grill.

Optional Equipment

"Mandatory options"--those items that a manufacturer requires to be fitted--include a Create-A-Breeze fan, electric brakes, a CO detector and heated mattresses. Optional equipment available from the factory includes a 20,000 BTU Suburban furnace, a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, a refrigerator, bunk lights with fans, a hanging pantry, AM/FM CD player and an exterior shower with hot water. Chassis options include aluminum wheels and double propane bottles with a cover.