Information on Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards

by Richard Keller

Debuting for the Brooklyn Dodgers in April of 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American player to break Major League Baseball's racial barrier. During his dozen years as an active player, mostly spent with the Dodgers, Robinson's image appeared on dozens of baseball cards from a number of different manufacturers.

Bond Bread Jackie Robinson Set

In 1947, Bond Bread released a set of baseball cards dedicated to Jackie Robinson's first year in the major leagues. Each of the 14 cards within the set displayed Robinson in various action photos. Robinson was also included in Bond Bread's regular card set of the same year. In this set, he was featured in card number 12.

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards of the Late 1940s to Early 1950s

Between 1948 and 1952, Jackie Robinson appeared on baseball cards from a variety of different manufacturers. Most used black-and-white photos of Robinson in various action shots during regular baseball games. Some, like the 1948 Old Gold Cigarette set, featured Robinson promoting a product. Color images of the baseball player didn't appear on cards until the end of the 1940s with the 1948 Leaf Set. Card manufacturer Bowman also produced color cards of Robinson in 1949 and 1950.

Topps Baseball Cards

Staring in 1952, Robinson appeared on eight different Topps baseball cards. His first was a color portrait on a red background with his signature below. In addition to regular card series, Robinson appeared in special Topps releases. In 1955 he was featured in the Topps Doubleheaders series beside fellow Dodger Don Hoak.

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards After Retirement

Though he retired in 1957, Jackie Robinson continued to appear on numerous baseball cards, mainly those dedicated to the sport's past. In 1973 and 1991, Robinson appeared in a reprint of Topps 1953 series of cards. His image also appeared in a set of Fanfest cards commemorating his career. Robinson has continued to appear on baseball cards through the 21st century from manufacturers such as Fleet, Upper Deck and Topps.

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