Information on the Book 'The Year in San Fernando' by Michael Anthony

by Chelsea Oliver

Michael Anthony, born in 1932, is a Trinidadian author and journalist. First published in 1963, Michael Anthony has written a variety of short stories and novels that, according to Google Books, tend to focus on the issues that present themselves in human relationships. "The Year in San Fernando" is one of Michael Anthony's most well known works.


San Fernando is a major city in Trinidad on the southwestern coast of the island. Michael Anthony, according to the Trinidad and Tobago National Library and Information System Authority, has resided in this city since 1970 as San Fernando's official minister of culture. His novel "The Year in San Fernando" is said to be based on the author's life experiences working in the city of San Fernando at 12 years old.


"The Year in San Fernando" centers around the life of Francis, who is 12. Francis, who lives in poverty with his widowed mother in a village in Trinidad, is sent to work as a servant for Mrs. Chandler in San Fernando. The novel focuses on Francis' experiences as he, separated from his family for the first time, explores a new way of life in an unfamiliar place.

Bibliographic Details

Many editions of "The Year in San Fernando" have been published. These editions, such as those published in the years 1965, 1970, 1972, 1983 and 1992, range from 137 to 190 pages. The most recent edition was published by Heinemann in 1996. This edition is 166 pages and, according to Google Books, is classified as boys' fiction, saga fiction, social science and a Trinidad and Tobago novel.

More Works by the Author

In addition to "The Year in San Fernando," Michael Anthony has written many other works. "The Games Were Coming," Anthony's first novel, was published in 1963. This novel was followed by "The Year in San Fernando." "Green Days by the River" was published in 1967, and "Streets of Conflict" was published in 1976. Michael Anthony's short story collections include "Cricket in the Road," published in 1973.