Information About the Book Author Anne Drake

by Jena Ross

Delve into Shamanism and the psyche with author Anne Drake. Drake's writing reflects her work as a clinical psychologist and her studies toward healing the soul. Her recent shaman-related works are complementary to her psychotherapeutic practice, and she encourages other therapists to consider introducing old-world healing into contemporary psychology-based practices.

Anne Drake's Life

Anne Drake spent some time in the jungles of Borneo learning the shamanic art of healing. This inspired the writing of her book "Healing Of The Soul: Shamanism And Psyche." While in Borneo, Drake was initiated into the shamanic ways and learned the practices of soul retrieval and extraction. Drake's powerful experience now shapes the way in which she conducts her life and her work, using her shamanic skills to aid chronic pain suffers and those with life-threatening illnesses and even working with other healers to tackle environmental issues.

'Healing Of The Soul: Shamanism And Psyche'

In Drake's book "Healing Of The Soul: Shamanism And Psyche," she begins her story with her traveling to Borneo and meeting a shaman. Inspired by what she witnesses, Drake decides to learn from the shaman. This leads her on a path of self-discovery and initiation into Shamanism. As a shamanic healer, Drake explores her new healing abilities by integrating them into psychotherapy and discovers that the Shamanic practice of soul retrieval and extraction has benefits for healing people who suffer from traumatic life events.

The Power of Positive Thought

Drake writes a blog about various topics inspired by her healing career and continues to tackle those issues that she is passionate about. One of her interests is the power of positive thinking. Drake believes in energy and the soul, that there is a mind-body connection and that if we understand our path, it can lead to healing of the body and soul.

Healing Chronic Pain through Shamanism

Shamanism is the central focus of Drake's writings and work. She uses her extraction methods to draw out pain and encourage the body's natural healing processes. A person experiencing extraction is encouraged to reflect on unresolved trauma and go through a process of healing. Drake believes that a person needs all her energy to live a vibrant and healthy life, and that past unresolved traumas impinge on our souls and hold us back.

About the Author

Jena Ross has been a freelance writer for over five years.She has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Miami and has written articles for various websites. Ross particularly enjoys writing on gardening, wildlife and alternative healing subjects.