Informal Wording for Party Invitations

by Kyra Sheahan

If you want to increase the number of people who show up for your party, it is a good idea to send out party invitations. While mailing invitations may seem like a formal thing to do -- especially if you are throwing an informal party -- it gives your prospective guests advance notice about your upcoming event, which allows them time to make arrangements to attend. Keep the wording of your invitations informal to reflect the nature of your party.

The Catchy Opener

Your party invitation should have a catchy opener at the top to let your prospective guests know what the party is for. To keep this section of your invitation informal, avoid phrases such as, "You are invited to celebrate Kevin's birthday..." and "Please join us for Kevin's birthday party...," which have a more formal ring to them. Instead, write an opening announcement that is simple and to the point like, "Come party with us for Kevin's birthday!"

The Attractions

Write one sentence or a phrase that describes the attraction of your party. For instance, if you are hosting a costume party for Halloween, let prospective guests know that there will be a costume contest, food and freaky stuff. Or, if you are throwing a pool party, tell invitees to come be cool in the pool -- and bring a towel. If all you are having at your party is food, you can write, "Bring a mighty appetite."

The Details

Prospective guests need the 4-1-1 on your party, such as when it is and where you are having it. Include the party date, time and location on your invitation. To keep the invitation informal, do not write out the date the way you would on formal stationery. For instance, rather than writing "Saturday, the eighth of October," you can use the numerals 10-8-11 or write "Saturday, October 8th."

Contact Info.

Include contact information for your invitees, so they know who to call and let know that they will be at the party. Keep this section of your invitation informal by writing "Let Kathy know if you can make it!" instead of "Please RSVP to Kathy." Provide a date that the prospective guests should respond by, along with the phone number or email address of the contact person.

Final Words

Another way to keep your party invitation informal is to write final words at the very bottom, such as "Be there or be square," or "Come take a break and help us eat cake." Final words do not have to rhyme, but it can conclude your invitation in a creative way.

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