Informal Graduation Invitation Wording

by Clayton Browne Google

A graduation is always a good occasion for a celebration, whether it is a graduation from high school or college, or a smaller ceremony such as graduation from elementary school or even a six-month advanced pet training class. But getting the wording just right on the announcement of or invitation to the graduation can be a bit tricky, especially if it is a more informal ceremony.

Focus on the Accomplishment, Not the Ceremony

Focus the invitation on the accomplishment of graduation rather than the ceremony itself. A few pithy words about the effort expended or future plans can be a good introductory line on an informal graduation invitation. Original prose is great, but using a good quote from a well-known source is perfectly fine as well.

Skip the Honorifics

If the graduation ceremony is going to be informal, the invitation should reflect this. Avoid formal phrases like "Requesting the honor of your presence," and keep it light with something along the lines of "Come see Tom Smith and the rest of the 2011 Chula Vista Community College LVN nursing class receive their diplomas." This kind of a subtle cue lets the guests know not to wear and suit and tie and helps keep the tone informal.

Simple, Classic Graphics

Avoid crowding the invitation with images or designs. You are going for a simple, elegant look, so the symbol or initials of the school or organization you are graduating from, or maybe an eye-pleasing geometric design, might be all you need on the invitation.

Don't Forget the Details

Don't forget the basic details of when and where. Note the best parking alternative, especially if parking is an an issue where the ceremony is being held. And if you do not want to receive gifts, that should also be specifically mentioned.