Indoor Snowboarding in Ireland

by Lauren Griffin
Strap on your bindings and try snowboarding inside.

Strap on your bindings and try snowboarding inside. Images

Snowboarders who want to hit the slopes without braving the elements can visit Ireland's indoor skiing and snowboarding center. From beginners learning how to ride to expert snowboarders looking for a new way to stay in shape year-round, indoor snowboarding is bound to be a memorable experience.

Ski Centre

A visit to Ski Centre in Dublin, Ireland proves that one doesn't need to deal with gondolas and chair lifts, frigid temperatures or poor snow conditions to enjoy the rush of speeding downhill on a snowboard. As of summer 2011, Ski Centre is the only indoor skiing and snowboarding location in Ireland. This state-of-the-art facility is located in Sandyford, Dublin at 26 Rowan Avenue in the Stillorgan Industrial Estate.

Indoor Snowboarding

At Ski Centre, the slope is indoors, letting guests ski or snowboard throughout the year, whether it's the hottest summer day or the iciest, inclement winter weather. The incline at Ski Centre is not just an indoor hill; instead it is more like a treadmill. The floor moves backwards and the snowboarders, moving downward on the slope, ultimately stay in place. The slope's incline, as well as speed, can be adjusted to suit the needs of snowboarders of varying abilities. A mirror at the front of the slope lets snowboarders observe their form and improve their technique.

Lessons & Passes

Ski Centre offers lessons for both skiers and snowboarders of varying levels and abilities. Rather than shaming themselves on the rope tow and bunny slope, beginners of all ages will find lessons at Ski Centre less intimidating and more private. At a low gradient and slow speed, beginners learn the basics of snowboarding. Additionally, the instructor maintains control of the slope and can stop its movement at any time. In intermediate and advanced lessons, students refine their snowboarding abilities and improve their turn radii, edge control as well as other skills that are important for higher level riding.

Other Tips

Getting ready for a session at Ski Centre is a lot less time consuming than preparing for a day on the mountain. Rather than bundling up for outdoor riding, snowboarders at Ski Centre simply slip on a pair of loose trousers that allow for movement, long, warm socks and a long-sleeved top. Also, guests must remember to arrive fifteen minutes before a lesson, so they have plenty of time to get their gear on and get ready to snowboard.

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