Indoor Places to Go for Kids in Dallas

by Olayemi Phillips

Located approximately 250 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Dallas, Texas has a subtropical climate. Summers are hot and a rainy season occurs during the spring. Kids will need indoor entertainment when the heat outside is oppressive or it's too wet to play outside. There are a number of places around the city that fit most budgets and will entertain the pickiest kid.

Food and Fun

Take the little ones to a Chick-Fil-A restaurant ( There are seven stores in the immediate Dallas area that have indoor playgrounds. Whether you buy a small lemonade or a meal, the kids can play in the play space for as long as you can stand it. The play area is padded and netted for safety and the little ones can enjoy climbing, sliding and wall puzzles. Stores are franchised, so they are unique to each location. Many sponsor family and kid's night events, so gather a few buddies and head on over with the kids.

Mall Madness

Head to the mall for an inexpensive source of entertainment. Many of the larger shopping malls have play areas allocated to children five years old and under. They house age-appropriate structures and parents watch from the sidelines. Galleria Dallas ( on Dallas Parkway boasts an accolade-winning jungle-themed playground on level three. Adventurous kids can throw on some skates and enjoy the ice-skating center there too.

Excess Energy

Take the kids to Pump It Up ( when they need to blow off excess energy. The facility is equipped with colorful, gigantic inflatables to keep every kid smiling--and sleeping well for the night. There are drop-in sessions for preschoolers each week for two- to six-year-olds. When school is out, kids from 2- to 12-years-old are invited to bounce their energy away in 90-minute sessions.

Little Librarians

Don't forget the library. Use it as a valuable and free resource. The Bookmarks branch of the Dallas Public Library ( is particularly kid-friendly. You'll find activities such as guest performers, story times and arts and crafts. There is free wi-fi and Internet access for children under 12 years old. Check out your local library for similar programs.

Young Scientists

Spend the day--or a night--at a museum. Young scientists will enjoy exploring the Museum of Science and Nature ( It offers "discovery days," special summer programs and even museum sleepovers. Discover dinosaur bones, visit the planetarium or take in an IMAX presentation. Alternatively, head over to the Frontiers Museum of Flight ( Here kids will love to try out the flight simulator. There are a number of exhibits dedicated to aviation and the museum offers year-round educational programs for all ages.

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