Indoor Paintball Arenas in Arizona

by Ted Marten
Paintball players wear protective gear, such as masks and heavy clothing.

Paintball players wear protective gear, such as masks and heavy clothing.

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Paintball is an individual or team sport where players complete by shooting opponents with colored capsules filled with a non-toxic material. Both beginning and advanced players can participate in the game. The sport can be played both indoors and outdoors, and players in the state of Arizona have opportunities to do both. Indoor paintball arenas allow individuals to play paintball in a climate controlled environment and beat the Arizona heat.

Tempe Paintball

Tempe Paintball ( features a 12,000 square feet air-conditioned indoor recreational arena. The indoor field is comprised of broken down buildings, barrels and bunkers for military combat simulation. Beginners and families are welcome, and the venue is available for private parties, such as birthday parties and bachelor parties. Parties are three hours long and $32 a person as of publication. Services include gun, mask, 300 rounds of paintballs and beverage option.

Westworld Paintball

Westworld Paintball ( has a 30,000 square foot indoor paintball facility featuring bunkers, obstacles and sniper towers, situated on top of 500 pounds of dirt. A professional referee is also on hand to monitor games and enforce rules. The location is open to players of all skills levels, but players must be at least 10 years of age. Birthday parties are $30 per person as of publication and include admission, equipment rental and 300 rounds of ammo.

Vanguard Indoor Playground

The Vanguard Indoor Playground ( features a 19,000 square foot facility. The arena is air conditioned and rental equipment is located on the premises. Visitors also have the option of purchasing their own equipment, and a certified technician is also available to repair equipment on site. Birthday party locations are available for children and adults, and as of publication, range from $20 to $75 per person.

Outdoor Paintball Fields

Located in Phoenix, Cowtown Paintball ( features outdoor fields with a sniper tower, trenches and tunnels. Game options available at the venue include Capture the Flag and Elimination. A smaller field is located on the premises for player 8 to 14 years old. Birthday parties are $30 a person as of publication and require a minimum of seven party guests. Wild Planet Paintball ( offers a paintballing experience for players in Casa Grande. Five different outdoor fields are located on site and rental packages are available for equipment, as well. Parties require at least 15 guests and cost $50 per person as of publication.

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