Indoor Games for Adult Women's Party

by Krystal Miller
Prepare entertaining games for an indoor party for women.

Prepare entertaining games for an indoor party for women.

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Whether planning a bachelorette party, bridal shower or girl's night in, prepare some indoor games for the women to play. Games will get the women mingling, introducing themselves to one another and giving them a chance to make new friends. Encourage the women to play along by awarding prizes -- such as gift cards, bath and lotion sets, hair accessories and costume jewelry -- to the game winners.

Bingo Games

Put together a girly Bingo game for your guests to play. Print blank Bingo cards and write words like lipstick, brush, makeup, curling iron, dress and hair accessories in the squares. Give each woman a card and call out the words. The first woman to call out "Bingo" wins the game and a prize. As an alternative, give each woman a blank card for an icebreaker name game. The women must ask each other their names and write a name in each square. Call out the names randomly and the first women who bingos wins the game.

Purse Games

Have all the women place their purses in their laps. Call out a random item, such as a sales receipt, picture of baby, lip gloss, compact mirror or nail file. Award a small prize to each woman who can pull out the item and show you first. Or, award a point for each item and award one prize to the player with the most points. You can also award prizes for the heaviest, biggest and smallest purses at the party.

Candy Games

Cut several different brands of candy bars into 1/2-inch slices. Blindfold each woman, one at a time, and have her taste the different candy to guess what it is. She earns one point for each correct answer. The woman with the most points wins the game. For another game, write down funny sayings that relate to candy bars like "pucker up" for a chocolate kiss, "jackpot winner" for a 100,000 Grand Bar, "nothing" for a Zero bar and "famous baseball player" for Baby Ruth. The women must write down their guesses on paper as you call them out. The player with the most correct candy bar answers wins the game.

Funny Games

Prepare some funny games for the women to play indoors. Divide the women into groups of three or four and give each team a "drama" bag. The bags must consist of 10 random items, such as handcuffs, a hairbrush, wig, platform shoes and an apple. The women have 15 minutes to make up a drama skit using the random items. For a variation, give the women a roll of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. They must make outfits in 20 minutes using the plastic wrap and foil. Award prizes to the funniest and most creative outfits.

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