Indoor Flashlight Games for Preschool Kids

by Laura Wilson
Flashlight games keep preschoolers interested and entertained.

Flashlight games keep preschoolers interested and entertained.

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Preschoolers enjoy experimenting with flashlights. A flashlight will keep a child amused for awhile as he turns it on and off and shines it on different items. For a unique activity, use flashlights for some games with a group of preschoolers. As long as no one is afraid of the dark, flip the switch, hand out the flashlights and have some indoor fun.

Flashlight Letters

Children who are 3 or 4 years old are working hard to learn their letters and numbers. Sit children in a circle and shine a flashlight on a blank wall. The Party Games Pond website suggests slowly forming a letter with the light and seeing if the children can guess which letter you made. Start with the first letters in the children's names and see if they recognize their own letter made with a flashlight.

I Spy

I Spy is always a hit with preschoolers, and playing in the dark will make it even more intriguing. Pick an object for the children to guess and turn out the lights. Pass the flashlight around and let children look for an object that is a particular color. For instance, say "I spy with my little eye, something red." Children take the flashlight and look for something red, taking turns until someone guesses the right object, such as a red apple. Then that person gets to pick an object for the rest of the kids to guess.

Flashlight Limbo

Limbo is a typical party game, but it can be used with preschoolers who just need to work off some energy, too. The Family Fun website suggests having two children face each other with flashlights to create a beam of light instead of using a long rod or string. Then children must see if they can walk under the beam of light without touching it. If one of the flashlights lights up part of the child she is out. After all children go through, lower the light beam a little and keep playing until one child is left.

Musical Flashlights

Many familiar games can be altered to allow use for a flashlight, and the Educatall website suggests playing a game called Musical Flashlights, similar to Hot Potato. Sit children in a circle, turn out the lights, and start some music. Pass a lighted flashlight around the circle, but when the music stops so must the flashlight. Leaders can either award a small prize such as a sticker to the person who ended up with the flashlight, or eliminate that person and keep playing until there is one winner at the end.

Flashlight Hunt

Pick a special item, such as a small stuffed animal that can be easily hidden in the room. Direct children to close their eyes while a hiding spot is found, and then turn off the lights. Specify that children must walk so no one gets hurt, and give each child a flashlight to go search out the item. Whoever hunts down the item gets to hide it next.

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