Incredible Sesame Street Party Ideas

by Jennie Dalcour
A Sesame Street theme can brings whimsy and fun to your child's party.

A Sesame Street theme can brings whimsy and fun to your child's party.

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The sunny days of "Sesame Street" will shine throughout your child's birthday with this bright and colorful party theme. Sesame Street is beloved by both the preschool set and nostalgic parents. Toddlers and children delight in the colorful decorations while parents fondly remember their own encounters on 123 Sesame Street. Whether you focus on a particular character or feature the whole gang, this party is sure to please everyone.


Introduce your guests to your child's birthday theme with an invitation that includes the necessary information in a festive way. Homemade cards provide several options to showcase your creativity. One option is to draw or print out a map of Sesame Street. Include well-known landmarks such as Mr. Hooper's store and Big Birds nest. Write the date, time and place of the party along the side of the street. Be sure to include the RSVP number. Alternately, glue pictures or stickers of "Sesame Street" characters to card stock along with your child's picture. Include catchy wording, like "Follow the funky beat to join us at Sesame Street!" Or you can reprint some of the lyrics to the "Sesame Street" theme song.


Be the street to beat with brightly colored decorations that let your guests know that they have arrived at the preschool crowd's favorite address. A "Sesame Street" motif includes bright primary colors. Either concentrate on one main character or decorate with yellow for Big Bird, Oscar green, orange for Ernie, Grover blue and red for Elmo. Use streamers and bunches of colorful balloons. Place a banner or sign that reads "123 Sesame Street." Purchase a metal trashcan to serve as Oscar's home. Place any "Sesame Street" toys you have on counters or tables to add to the ambiance.

Party Games and Activities

The highlight of a party for the preschool crowd is the game and activity time. Your youngest guests will enjoy musical chairs to the tune of a purchased "Sesame Street" soundtrack. You may need to simplify the game by leaving enough chairs for every guest so no one loses. Play hot potato and use the show's soundtrack for the music. Children can play with Elmo's red and Big Bird's yellow play-dough. Crafty children will enjoy making a Super Grover hat to wear during the party (see Resources for the printable craft).


The refreshment table provides an opportunity to continue the theme while delighting children and parents alike. Use a bright-colored table cloth to display snacks and treats that will be the envy of any street. Simply renaming favorite party foods after "Sesame Street" characters adds a charm to your party. Place an index card or a piece of cardstock with the name of the food and a bright "Sesame Street" sticker next to each plate. Purchase a store-bought themed cake or decorate a homemade cake with bright frosting. For an alternative to cake, serve a large cookie cake in honor of the Cookie Monster. If you are particularly artistic, draw the characters on the cake with colored gels. Serve Cookie Monster's chocolate chip cookies alongside Big Bird's gummy worms and Elmo's pizza. Oscar's green punch will round out your table.

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